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This prime real estate property worth an estimate 5 billion was sold by the   Algonquins  of Ontario (AOO) for a mere 10 million dollars.

Feds to pay $10M for CFB Rockcliffe land claim


Class-action suit claims province excluded at least 10 Algonquin groups.pdf

Ottawa Citizen, January 2012

Land claim negotiations suffer blow.pdf

Ottawa Citizen, January 2012




All Algonquins Should Become a Part of This



Letter reveals Algonquin in-fighting



Algonquin Native Lights Sacred Fire to Denounce Anticipated Forest Destruction


Dancing with the Truth


When truth is stranger than fiction: the capital that sits on another nation’s land


Make all the land deals you want, it is fraud December 31 2010



Potts, this man has the power to remove your ancestry: he did it to me.

Mr. Potts,

I have a few questions regarding the Thomas line that I expect you to answer in detail. Lately I have been getting calls regarding this issue and I have been asked to notify you and seek answers to questions  you seem to want to ignore. I know you deplore anyone questioning your judgement or tactics, however this is important.

#1 - in 2004 Joan Holmes was paid $ 30,000 dollars by the real Bonnechere Algonquin community to verify the Thomas line.

A few years later an audit of Joan Holmes genealogist work was conducted (or was it) and you personally announced that no faults were found and that Joan Holmes work had a clean bill of health. How can that be? You can understand missing one or two files when conducting an audit! But how do you Mr. Potts explain overlooking the files of 650 people? It doesn’t add up. Why should anyone trust or put any faith in Joan Holmes work after this mess? You then formed a committee to oversee the problem. What made the committee members more knowledgeable than Joan Holmes or the government audit? Are they experts in this field? 

#2 -is it not Joan Holmes who verified and authenticated the Antoines of Mattawa? As you, all government representatives and the Algonquins at the land claim negotiations are aware the Antoines of Mattawa were created by Davie Joanisse using his wife’s (Antoine) maiden name. The Antoines are beneficiaries of the Robinson/ Huron treaty and are said to be Ojibway? It was my belief that you could only benefit from treaty?  According to Davie Joanisse Joan Holmes was paid in access of $100,000 + for her work.

#3-   is it not Joan Holmes who notified 27 members of the Clouthier family in 2008 that they were to be parachuted from Greater Golden Lake to become the new Ottawa? How much was she paid for that? She then handed over my community list as directed to the new Ottawa community. The same was done with the Bonnechere and Ardoch membership lists.

This was done under yours and Brian Crane’s direction in order to insure funding would not be interrupted.

#4 - the ANRS have been given parcels of land (I have pictures). Who authorized this and why are parcels being handed out before a treaty is signed? How much money have you and the ANRS received for signing off crown land?

My final question deals with the ANR meeting you hold every year in Toronto as a guise for your annual birthday bash. Are taxpayers on the hook for your get together? As a taxpayer am I paying for your birthday party and are you charging the taxpayer for the use of your office? I know you will answer that people from outside the territory ask for this meeting. Have you been to North Bay, Sudbury, Sault St Marie, Temagami Algonquins or anywhere east of Ottawa? There are several thousand Algonquin people living outside of your so called territory and like me they are proven Algonquins.

I understand you claim that there are but 130 people opposed to your land claim. For your information there are 5 communities who refuse to be part the Algonquin land claim because of you. The manner in which you have assumed complete control over the entire Algonquin land claim operation. The creation of false communities, fixed elections, the discrediting of anyone who challenges you. This is an Algonquin land claim not a Potts land claim. Quite frankly Mr. Potts your integrity as well as the fairness for all Algonquins has been put into question. The question on most people’s minds is: why is a Toronto lawyer being paid $450.00 per hour plus expenses and completely controlling the funding through his office acting as principal negotiator for the Algonquin land claim? Should the  principal negotiator not be an Algonquin?


Please read the article. The parallels to the Algonquin land claim are uncanny. DIVIDE,CONQUER, AND IGNORE.

Why we try to protect our land


Breaking News – Thomas Line Decision


Comments on the Thomas Line Decision

Above is the decision regarding the Thomas line.

There are no surprises, the appeal was denied.

You will note that the communities responsible for having the Thomas line

removed chose members of their communities  to make the decision.  

Ottawa is listed as one of the communities and Bob Majaury as the spokesperson for Ottawa.

Bob Majaury DOES NOT SPEAK on behalf of the Ottawa Algonquin First Nation, nor is he a member of our community.

Bob Majaury is a Bob Potts’ hack and has been a member of Sharbot Lake, Ardoch, OAFN, OMAA, League of North American Indians, just to name a few.

The trend with Bob Majaury has always been the same: become a friend, gain your trust, then stab you in the back.

He is currently a member of the Ottawa Algonquin community created by Joan Holmes when the OTTAWA ALGONQUIN FIRST NATION left the negotiations table in 2007.

Bob Majaury dances to the Bob Potts tune.

He is not to be trusted and his decision regarding the Thomas line should be seen as nothing more than following orders.


Paul Lamothe

Chief, Ottawa Algonquin First Nation


To the ANR's representing the People:

I have only one question, if we are Non Status and never were registered, but consider oneself as Algonkin, how and who are these people in Golden Lake representing us here in Ottawa and how can the Cdn and Ontario Gov'ts give that amount of power to have any individual decide if I am or not of Algonquin descent???

I'll tell you what, Creator knows who I am and these people don't have a clue what they are doing as to me personally, Genocide is happening once more and the role of 'Indian Agent' has been re-newed and will again weed us all out just like in the past.

This is once more very sad! Our own people going against their own with the authority of the Colonial Gov't!!!!   

Instead of taking to the proper people, decisions are being made without taking the proper time. There are many like myself that their families for whatever reasons were never registered. 

Paul is right, who will represent us Non-Status with the legitt bloodlines???

The more others will kringe back as this will really make and break spirits as if we have not been broken enough! When will this type of nonsense stop and who are these people deciding to sell land when it's not even their's to take... Grandfather William Commanda already said it and I quote his words: 'How can One sell his Mother!'

If these words don't sound deep enough, who are these people selling land that is set aside for future generations?

These are my words, those who know me, know who I am and to those who don't it's sad you take decisions and don't know your own people! We cannot All attend the meetings going on at various locations, however one way that this can be represented properly is to have groups in regions be known to the people and to be recognised by their Chiefs in their areas. Misrepresentation is not acceptable. Real Chiefs fight for their people!

I said it before and will say it again; In the days of past, our People's would listen to the Medicine Peoples and their Leaders however our own downfall is to get swallowed up in a system of greed which is so sad to admit even corruption exists in our own!

As a Traditional Medicine person in our region, I ask the ANR's representing the peoples to have compasion and to understand the processes that are in place for those that are not represented may be mis-represented as for one, this individual didn't even know until a far away relation told me of these Algonquin Land Claim proceedings and how they were being done, which is when it drew my interest to see what this was all about. And guess what, I am on the Internet. How much more for those that still don't have means that will be missed out... this is not a fair process and beg those who do represent the peoples to consider this properly!

In closing, it saddens me to see so much bickering and unfairness still being played out on our People's either they be status, non status etc, I was told by my own Elder's that if we should have a drop of Anishnabek blood that we still counted. Guess this blows that saying out of the water! 


Ron 'Bigbear' Goddard,

4 Wind's Intertribal Medicine Council member representing Eastern/Ottawa region



Charges withdrawn in quarry protest case

CHARGES WITHDRAWN: Laurentian Valley pit blockade


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MUST READ – From the ‘Anishinabek News’, March 2010


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Here is an interesting article that outlines how native people have been mistreated and lied to.

It is amazing when you read this article how today's Algonquin land claim compares to that of days gone by. The article is entitled "Who's on Trial". It tells the story of how a governmnt agent manipulated the government while pocketing money that was destine for native people. 

The Algonquin land claim has its own Indian agents - draw your own conclusion. Today false communities are created in order to advance a corrupt process. 

Please read and direct your comments to


CFRA’s talk show “Sunny Side Nick” aired from 10 a.m. to 12 noon on Sunday July19th. I was joined by Chief Grant Tysick of the Kinounchepirini First Nation, as well as legal expert Michael Swinwood. The recording of the show is below. Although all of the negotiators (Algonquin, Ontario and Canada) were invited, non chose to participate.

Part 1 (audio file)

Part 2 (audio file)


A MUST READ – “Race, Identity and the Law”



!NEW! Frequently Asked Questions !NEW!

We have just learned that another first nation group has come forward with complaints about the current Algonquin land Claim negotiations process. This is not new. Its the same thing other communities have complained about since this process began. This makes seven Algonquin communities in the Province of Ontario who are opposed to the land claim. Still the governments ignore us.


The lack of accountability, lack of transparency, the fraudulent elections, the fixed by election, the lack of information, the exclusion of other legitimate communities, the discrimination (7 people representing 1 community), the secret meetings, the abuse of the membership list, the verbal abuse by the principal negotiator towards any Algonquin who questions his work ethics, the complete control the principal negotiator has over the process – all issues of concerns by the Algonquin people.


These complaints have been lodged to both the federal negotiator for Ontario, Brian Crane, and to Robin Atkins, the federal negotiator. Both have turned a blind eye and chosen to ignore the problems that exist within this process. They choose to sit on their hands and do nothing and side with the principal negotiator Bob Potts who is responsible for this mess.


Bob Potts along with Alan Pratt, Nigel Marshman, Joan Holmes and David Burke must be investigated for their part in the fixed Ottawa by election where we witnessed 27 people being told that they had changed communities in order to secure the ANR position for the person chosen by Bob Potts. Gerry Belisle won the election even though no one from the Ottawa community voted for him. The people who voted for him were parachuted in from the community of Greater Golden Lake. When complaints were lodged Bob Potts, with the blessing of both Robin Aitken and Brian Crane, chose to discredit anyone who questioned him.


The 2005 elections for Algonquin Negotiations Representatives were overseen by Bob Potts and Alan Pratt. The wording on the election notice was changed by four members of the Algonquin Nation Tribal Council to read “nation representative with an affirmation to their leadership as chief”. This is not what the election was intended for. It was to be non political. The four members of the Tribal Council won the election despite the irregularities. Once again complaints were lodged and proof was provided. As expected, the complaints were ignored and Mr. Potts chose to discredit those who complained. Brian Crane was sent material and apprised of the election irregularities and did nothing.


The term “radical” is used to describe anyone who questions or disagrees with the Algonquin Land Claim negotiations.


What is it going to take to bring those responsible for the division, the distrust and the fighting they caused between families and friends to justice? What is transpiring and being ignored is what we witness in third world countries. The Algonquin land claim is being used as a guise to convince the Algonquin people that one day we will have our nation back. The pain and divide caused by this fraudulent process will never heal and bring the people together until this process is investigated and controlled by the Algonquin people.


I call on the government to place a moratorium on the Algonquin Land claim until such time that an investigation can be held and that those responsible are held accountable.



*     *     *     *



Welcome to the only official Ottawa Algonquin First Nation website. This is the true website of the Ottawa Algonquin First Nation people and is intended to give you the facts surrounding the very controversial Algonquin Land Claim negotiations.


In April 2007, the Ottawa Algonquin First Nation, representative of the Ottawa area Algonquins, withdrew from the negotiations due to several unresolved issues. Unresolved issues include the exclusion of several communities, the lack of consultation, the total lack of transparency, the abuse of inherent rights and the misrepresentation of the negotiator. Rather than address these issues, the Principal Negotiator, Bob Potts, as well as the negotiators for Ontario and Canada, chose to ignore the facts and proceed with an election to put in place a new ANR for the Ottawa community. It is interesting to note that the individual who was elected was not even on the Ottawa electors list at the time the election was called and yet this individual was elected as ANR for the Ottawa Algonquins.




Over the past several months I have received numerous e-mails and phone calls from members of the Ottawa Algonquin community, as well as many of the other Algonquin communities involved in the land claim. All have expressed their concern with the proceedings, their support for the Ottawa Algonquin First Nation and their disappointment in what is transpiring in this negotiation process.


One e-mail, received from Albert Vezeau, very clearly expresses our concerns: “I have read the claim and agree that by imposing restrictions on lineage the govt. is committing genocide on our families. By denying my child her birth rite they are eliminating the algonquin heritage. Will we be a part of this law suit? What is happening at the table? I have declined to send my voting papers back until the issues are cleared up. I would prefer to have someone I know represent me at the table and not an unknown person.”


The Ottawa Algonquin First Nation has entered into a class action lawsuit with several other communities including the Algonquin communities: Ardoch, BAC, Whitney, Kinoucherini. A host of other native bands and native people across Ontario are also a part of this lawsuit, the details of which can be found under the heading of “Breaking News – Statement of Defense and Counter Claim”. We urge you to rally around this lawsuit because it affects all native people. This website will offer continual updates on the progress of the lawsuit.


In regards to the uranium mine protest, we learned this weekend that THE INJUNCTION IS IN EFFECT. The Ardoch Algonquin First Nations and Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nations have two working days to remove themselves (and anything they brought with them) from the protest site on Hwy #509. A lock is then to be placed on the gate and only residents with a deed to land within the staked claims will be allowed access to their property. The First Nations have restated that they have no intention of leaving. The Ardoch Algonquin First Nations and Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nations need our support more than ever. Let’s do what we can to support them!


The uranium mine protest, the Metis court case regarding hunting charges, as well as the bogus election for a new ANR in Ottawa, could all have been avoided. Mr. Potts refused to intervene, in spite of being asked to do so by the ANRs. Instead, he drafted a resolution - - - after the fact. This is no longer an Algonquin land claim!!

The Algonquin people need to stick together, stand up for ourselves and not let a handful of individuals sell us out! This website will continue to provide information to keep you updated on the issues. Please do what you can to help your fellow Algonquins fight for what’s right!


NEW! Email from the office of the Prime Minister NEW!

Ottawa Algonquin First Nation Vision


What Your ANR Doesn't Want You To Know


Call for Action-Algonquins are being sold out by their own ANRs!!!


 received this e-mail on November 16th and have made no changes – it is posted in its entirety as received.  

It calls it like it is and is worth a read.




Snowed Again!

In 2005, the ANTC constitution had already passed this motion. Now, two years later they are trying to cover their tracks by bringing it back and misleading their people again. So much for the end of ANTC. These are the same individuals who changed the wording in the last election to accommodate their misleading ways. They will be deciding the results of the motion.



A special thanks to Ontario out of Doors magazine for allowing us to post this on our website.

Thank you is also extended to Editor-in Chief John Kerr and Assistant Editor Steve Galea for their remarkable articles.

Our Home on Native Land (Ontario Out of Doors Magazine)

Our Home on Native Land: Part 2 (Ontario Out of Doors Magazine)

DRAWING BOUNDARIES (Ontario Out of Doors Magazine)

Please submit any articles on Algonquin history or current events that you would like to see on this page.

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This is a story of a child who is about to lose their playground, thanks to Urbandale Development. The destruction of the South March Forest is done in the name of progress. The irony here is that the government’s keep telling our children that they are obese, overweight and should be getting outside more. This area provides snowshoeing, skiing, hiking and an abundance of outdoor opportunities that a child should have. When it comes to urban development though, these things are put aside.

Help save the South March Beaverpond Forest for our future generations!


UN Year of Forests starts with clear cutting in Canadian capital city


John Reilly: Shut down the native industry and spend the money on natives


Stop Land Claim until government accountable to all parties


Bill C-3 and Aboriginal women's human rights


As most know by now that it took Sharon McIvor 25 years to take the matter of the continued sex discrimination in the Indian Act through the Canadian court system. Although the Indian Act was amended in 1985 to bring it in line with the Charter - it failed to do this. Disturbingly, the proposed Bill C-3 continues to fail to remove the sex discrimination. The women of Quebec have organized a walk in support of McIvor and to raise attention to the fact that the current government is prepared to yet again pass through parliament more failed remedial discrimination. Alternatively, Bill C-3 will fail to eliminate all the sex discrimination.

These women are walking 500 km from Wendake to Parliament Hill, May 4th to June 1st. Attached is a short information sheet on the issue and the walk, a map of the walk, and a petition worthy of signing. 

Rumor has it the Sharon will join us for part of the walk and will try to be there on June 1st.

Please circulate this information and post is on your website. Please ask you organizational leaders to post this information. 


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NAAA Lifetime Achievement Award Grandfather William Commanda


Confederacy of Canadian Metis


One little, two little, three little Indians . . . 45,000 more


from the Eagle Watch #34
Here at the Eagle Watch, we love and respect animals and deplore the
colonial mentality of "kill it if it bothers you". Our teaching is
to kill only for food.  There was a wolf hunt all winter in Lanark
county with a prize offered for the biggest one killed. Needless to
say, we are overwhelmed by deer which the farmers also kill en masse
in illegal culls. Randy Hillier, local MPP was involved in this.

This is another important forward.  Hopefully the response will be

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Conditions Ripe for Major Aboriginal Uprising, Academic Says:
Young first nations people are largely poor, uneducated, prone to crime and live near vulnerable resource areas, ex-Forces officer argues Canadians and their political leaders are ignoring all the signs of a looming aboriginal insurrection in their midst, warns a prominent military analyst.

Douglas Bland, a former lieutenant-colonel in Canada's Armed Forces who chairs defence management studies at Queen's University in Kingston, Ont., says conditions are ripe for a major uprising by first nations people.

He told a luncheon audience of the Frontier Centre for Public Policy in Winnipeg last week that "the typical federal or provincial politician in Canada has no idea what to do with this matter. They only see it as a difficulty for themselves."

In turn, aboriginals are "emboldened by the prevailing political reluctance to act."

In a speech titled, "Where Are Aboriginal Affairs in Canada Headed?," Bland answers the question by noting that Canada is particularly "vulnerable to a national disturbance, given its economic dependence on the export of oil, gas, natural gas, hydro power and other commodities to the U.S.

"Aboriginal communities are sitting on those supply chains. At any moment they can turn that system off, which would pose a danger to the economy and to Canadian sovereignty."

Canada has witnessed several instances of the sort of aboriginal unrest Bland is talking about.

First nations groups have staged roadblocks on Highway 401 near Kingston and put up barricades on major railways. A crisis over disputed land occurred in Oka, Que., in 1990, and in Caledonia, Ont., in 2006. Another standoff took place in 2009 near Cornwall, Ont., between Mohawks and border services personnel who had planned to start carrying firearms.

Bland says he began studying the feasibility of an aboriginal uprising after the 9/11 debacle in the U.S. He recently wrote a fictional account of an aboriginal insurrection, titled Uprising.

Aboriginals make up the largest and fastest growing group of young people in the country.

Their median age -- 25, compared to 40 for nonaboriginals.

Incredibly, more than half of on-reserve aboriginals are 24 and younger. Too many of them are not being educated. Fewer than 24 percent finish high school, even as 80 percent of non-aboriginals graduate.

Another problem, says Bland, is that the aboriginals who graduate from universities most often don't return to reserves where they could improve governance and economic prospects.

And so, on-reserve unemployment stands at 28 percent. Youth unemployment is more than 40 percent.

A disproportionate number of young first nations men are being incarcerated in jails which tend to serve as "community colleges for the gangs."

For example, 71 percent of those who are held in custody in Manitoba are aboriginals, despite the fact they make up only 15 percent of the population.

Of course, aboriginals often experience deplorable living conditions characterized by rural isolation and housing that's dilapidated and overcrowded.

A community with a sense of grievance needs only a particular economic or political condition to aggravate it, along with a unifying leader able to mobilize the group to trigger an insurrection.

Because aboriginals reside in areas adjacent to Canada's resource bounty and these sometimes remote and expansive tracts of land are largely undefendable, the feasibility of a major conflict is that much greater.

Bland is a student of war and his soundings are worrisome. While past Liberal governments in Ottawa have deployed a strategy of big spending to alleviate unacceptable on-reserve living conditions, the Harper government has taken a different approach.

Conservatives have focused more on urban-dwelling aboriginals and, of course, given a formal apology and financial redress for historic injustices at first nations schools.

In any event, no political action will be as helpful as getting young on-reserve aboriginals educated.

With only five of 308 sitting MPs (and six senators) reflecting Metis, Inuit or first nations ethnicity, Parliament would be better equipped to respond to aboriginal challenges if more first nations people were to become engaged in national political processes.


Does McGuinty care whether land claims are legal?
by Gary McHale - The Regional

Final Notice Dec 11 2007 (uranium)

Fresh Amended Statement of Defence and Counterclaim

Statement Delivered at Queens Park

Vision for future at Chaudičre Falls

(The Ottawa Citizen - Sunday, August 26, 2007)

Algonquins set for long, cold winter at Sharbot Lake mining blockade

'Speedy, new' treaty deal is neither: critic

Native advocate says government is still allowed to judge itself

(Juliet O'Neill, The Ottawa Citizen Thursday, August 16, 2007)



A Daniel Bernard Story


Statement of Defence and Counter claim



Clearing Up Land Claims - Part 1

(CFRA audio file Tuesday, July 31, 2007)


Clearing Up Land Claims - Part 2

(CFRA audio file Tuesday, July 31, 2007)

Judge urges truce in mining dispute

Uranium drilling fight gets hot

OPP Letter re: Criminal Investigation Update

Ardoch & Sharbot Lake Protest Uranium Mine Site

Look to native leaders for answers

Grits, Tories at odds over UN aboriginal rights declaration

Is this Double Fleecing the Members?

Never Surrendered

The Algonquin Claim

Turning Guilt into Billions of Dollars



Ramifications of Ipperwash Inquiry

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Put an end to land-claim industry

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Native leaders must step up to help reserves

(Response to the above article from the Ottawa Citizen)


Metis Victory

(from the North Bay Nugget)


Settling Land Claims

(Audio file from - interviews)


Open letter to Honourable Jim Prentice


Posted on 05/04/07 in the Globe and Mail


Algonquin History and the Ontario Land Claims

By: Sarah-Beth Knowles


What Every Non Status Should know


The city that rules a nation


The Anishinabe Creation Story

By: Basil Johnston in Ojibway Heritage


Bancroft Times - Algonquins Hold Information Meeting

by Barry Hendry


Kichespippi Current


Citizenship in Aboriginal Nations


Rockcliffe Landing

by Maria Cook


Ottawa: A Historic Highway Becomes a Modern Destination

by Cherie Dimaline