This is another example of the corruption within the Bob Potts' Algonquin land claim. He is very well aware of this. Please follow the attached link for details, sign the petition and help in exposing this fraud.







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Are we getting too close to the truth?


What began as a process that was supposed to be open and transparent has produced what is being called Algonquin Gate. What has evolved is secrecy, non-Algonquins acting as representatives and negotiating for land selection, false communities, altering documents, genealogist fraudulently paid to identify non-Algonquin, misrepresention and misleading he public and the Algonquin nation. This is how governments negotiate land claims and then lay the blame on the natives for defending their rights. The article below was published on January 18, 2014.



Algonquin Gate.pdf


What Constitutes Fraud?

What constitutes fraud and what does it take for governments to investigate. This is what the Honourable Justice Chadwick concluded when he ruled on the Fleuri/Dube protest.

[26] It is clear that the original Enrolment Board relied on a document that was altered. Since the altered 1871 Census was the only documentary evidence before the Enrolment Board that mentioned the Fleuri family (including Julia Dubé) as being Indian and that census was altered, there is no basis on which the Enrolment Board could have properly found Joseph Fleuri or Julia Dubé to be Algonquin. It would be improper for me to show any deference to a decision that was made on the basis of an altered document. I therefore accept the protest.

Dated at Ottawa this 27th day of February, 2013

James B. Chadwick, Q.C.


The Honourable James B. Chadwick, Q.C.

Judicial Member of the Review Committee

 He makes it clear that census records were altered by those ANRs who represent these people. It is against the law to alter anyone’s documents. However altering government documents is considered fraud and against the law.

 Joan Holmes held an information meeting some years back when Ottawa was legitimately at the negotiations table. At issue was the proper way to handle the identification of those claiming to be Algonquin. During the course of the meeting Clifford Bastien, Chief of Mattawa/ North Bay Algonquin, stated that he had what is called board files (incomplete files) and didn’t know how to deal with them. Patrick Glassford, Golden Lake Algonquin, and Richard Zhor, Bonnechere Algonquin, said that they would show him how to deal with them. Patrick Glassford proceeded to show Cliff  Bastien how to change a person to show they are Algonquin. This was done and witnessed by Joan Holmes and the ANRs in her meeting room. I am prepared, along with another witness, to sign an affidavit confirming this.

 Several thousand people have been removed as Algonquin due to falsified documents. The victims of this fraud are the people who supported and voted for these ANRs only to be told that they no longer qualified as Algonquin. They have been mislead and lied to. How many more documents have been altered? The entire process must be investigated and those responsible for altering government documents must be brought to justice. This adds fraud to an already illegal process.

 The entire ruling is at the link below and a copy is being sent to RCMP fraud division.




To all non status Algonquin

Some of you have received letters advising that you do not qualify as an Algonquin even though you were verified not only by your ANR but also by Ottawa genealogist Joan Holmes.

Within the next month Bob Potts, Brian Crane and the ANRS will be holding information meetings. These meetings are no more than a smoke screen to convince you that the ANRs are not to blame for what has happened to your Algonquin ancestry.

The time has come for Algonquin people to know about those who claim to represent you and are now looking after your welfare by hiring a lawyer on your behalf. If the ANRs are so concerned about those who have received notice of their removal, why have they walked away from the negotiations? They claim that Potts will replace them. Not true. The off reserve ANRs have sworn to secrecy and are doing Potts’ dirty work by not telling you the truth. Here is an example on how trustworthy the ANRs really are: In April of 2007 Ottawa left the Algonquin land claim negotiations due to Mr. Potts’ insistence that all that pertained to the land claim negotiations be kept in complete secrecy. I would not abide by his demands, therefore Ottawa withdrew from negotiations.

As a result, Potts and the ANRs, fearing that funding would be interrupted and the scam would be revealed, created a false Ottawa community by parachuting 27 members from Greater Golden Lake (Glassford’s members).

Bancroft (Katherine Cannon) and Whitney (Bob Craftchick) had also planned to walk away from the negotiations table and support Ottawa, but greed and easy money was more important than support, loyalty and friendship. They then proceeded to slander my name to the point where they signed a document stating that they had heard me say I had resigned my position. Again not true.

What they failed to realize when Potts convinced them to discredit me is that a copy of the minutes had been sent to me clearly outlining in detail what had transpired the day Ottawa left the negotiations. I am sure The ANRs have put their own spin on this issue, so following is an excerpt from the NOTES of the ANR MEETINGS OF APRIL 16 – 17, 2007, (LOCATION – ODAWA NATIVE FRIENDSHIP CENTRE) with the following ANRs present:

Clifford Bastien Jr.: Mattawa/North Bay                    Jerrow Lavalley:  Pikwakanagan

Katherine Cannon:    Bancroft                                     Randy Malcolm:  Ardoch

Robert (Bob) Craftchick:  Whitney and Area              Jim Meness:  Pikwakanagan

Doreen Davis:  Sharbot Lake                                      Richard Sarazin:  Pikwakanagan

Patrick Glassford:  Greater Golden Lake                    Kirby Whiteduck:  Pikwakanagan 
Davie Joanisse:  Antoine                                            (April 17 only)

Paul Lamothe:  Ottawa                                                Richard Zohr:  Bonnechere.

 A discussion ensued between ANR Paul Lamothe and Bob Potts as a result of an alleged release of information by Paul that was confidential to the ANR Table, to others that are not members of the ANR Table.

 Paul expressed resentment over this issue and other issues from previous years.  After some discussion, Paul announced that he was withdrawing Ottawa from the Negotiation Table effective immediately.  When asked by ANR Jim Meness if he had the support of his membership, Paul replied in the affirmative and left the meeting.

 Bob expressed regret concerning Paul’s decision.  Alan Pratt stressed the importance of continuing representation from Ottawa at the Table.

 You are probably not aware that Mr. Potts and Crane are touring the various communities within the land claim area. They have been conducting meetings with mayors and their council and have sworn them to secrecy about the details of these meetings. I have included an link to an editorial about one of these meetings and a mayor who refused to be part of this scam. He believes as I do that this land claim was to be open and transparent. This is a small part of what your ANR is all about. The link is

 They are not to be trusted. They knew years ago that the non status Algonquin would not benefit from this land claim. The ANRs are responsible for your Algonquin identity being questioned and being removed. This is serious.  They are playing with your lives.

DO NOT let this happen, FIGHT back.

 The ANRs only care about themselves and will discredit anyone who questions them.

If you’re going to go after anyone for being removed, the ANRs are the ones responsible.

Need proof?  Ask them to step down?  I can assure you none of them will.


Paul Lamothe

Ottawa Algonquin First Nation  




















 For years, legitimate Algonquin communities have been complaining about non-Algonquins being involved in the Algonquin Land Claim. Following is proof that this has been occurring with the government and the negotiators’ knowledge. Geneologist Joan Holmes was paid large sums of money to verify those who are now being told that they are not Algonquin. The ANRs also mislead these people by using them to boost their numbers. They should be held responsible. One of the people being removed is actually an ANR (Ottawa).

Non Algonquin July 2012/Thousands of Algonquins Removed.pdf

 What is more concerning is that the people who are being given notice have been allowed to hunt and fish as Algonquins, in Algonquin Park and other areas designated as Algonquin territory. Meanwhile, other legitimate Algonquins are being persecuted by the MNR and being dragged in and out of courts. This is discrimination, fraud, and corruption at its highest level.

 These people might truly be Algonquins; or they might not. Either way, they have been used for the purpose of pushing the land claim through.

 Join the fight to stop this once and for all – the land claim belongs to ALL ALGONQUINS!


Those responsible are pictured below.



These are the faces of those responsible for the GENOCIDE of the Algonquin nation. The man  in the red shirt on with the big smile on his face is Bob Potts the mastermind behind it all


The Legacy of the Algonquin Land Claim

 The Collins dictionary refers to genocide as “murder of a nationality or ethnic group”.

The United Nations has an expanded version on what “genocide” really means when it comes to the Algonquin land as well as all aboriginal. I have included the expanded version taken from the 7 Algonquin Hunters’ website.

 The Algonquin land claim began as a process designed to include all Algonquins. Bob Potts of the Toronto based law firm of Blaney McMurtry was hired by chief and council of Pikwaganagan Reserve (even though they have no legal right to negotiate since they already are wards of the Government) to serve as principal negotiator.

Mr. Potts quickly learned that the key to gaining full control of the negotiations team was money. Taxpayers are funding this process and are left unaware of how tax dollars are being misused when it comes to this land claim. There is no reporting process and minutes of meetings are kept to a minimum. Mr. Potts realized early, in the period leading up the start of the negotiations that he would be able to gain complete control of the Algonquin land claim negotiations. All he need do was use taxpayer dollars to convince his group and promise them untold wealth. In other words “sell out your brothers and sisters, I’ll make sure you’re taken care of.”  

They bowed to his wishes and he now controls the funding (trust fund runs through his office), the dispersion of funds, the election process, community leaders, he decides who is eligible to be an Algonquin, the hiring of consultants and he has appointed himself as senior legal counsel. The Algonquin negotiators are nothing more than well paid props. Their only purpose is to justify Mr. Potts’ complete control  of the Algonquin land claim.

The Ottawa Algonquin First Nation had a seat at the negotiations table. When it became evident that the Algonquin land claim had become a one man show and this man would stoop to any level to deny the true Algonquin communities from being part of the negotiations process, we withdrew our support and walked away from the negotiations. Another Ottawa community was quickly born by parachuting 27 members from that mystical community of Greater Golden Lake. The same as what was done with the Ardoch community prior to that.  Mr. Potts then proceeded to slander the leader of the Algonquin First Nation. The actions of a desperate man who’s biggest fear was losing taxpayer funding (he pays himself $450.00 per hr, plus expenses.) Of course, the governments, in particular Ontario who have no legal right to negotiate any form of land claim, didn’t ask any questions even though their representatives have been aware of the fraud that’s being systematically committed.            

 Many Algonquins have received letters and phone calls from Mr. Potts as well as ANRs (a copy is attached) advising them that their ancestral line does not qualify them to be Algonquin. Mr. Potts has begun his own version of genocide by excluding non status Algonquins as beneficiaries of the Algonquin land claim. Mr. Potts has the blessing of those who claim to represent you and your community.

A copy of an email is attached and is self explanatory on how one of several members plans to take legal action against Mr. Potts and his team of ANRS.  Long overdue! The time has come to stand together take action and hold those responsible for the genocide being committed against the Algonquin people. This is an Algonquin land claim not a Potts land claim.

Other Forms of Genocide – Take Your Pick

Letter from Daniel Bernard to Patrick Glassford

-Potts' Genocide-


As a non-status Algonquin, your constitutional rights are being extinguished.

Don't sell out for a moose tag! Your ANRs are using the lure of a moose tag to advance their cause.

Join the fight for what is constitutionally yours!



After years of land claim negotiations and millions of dollars YOU are being asked to re-enrol to become eligible for benefits of the Algonquin land claim. What begs the question is, is Helen Sarazin’s and Joan Holmes’ credibility as genealogists being put into question? Does this also mean that some of those who have hunted as Algonquins will now be told they do not qualify?

According to Lynn Clouthier’s (the fraudulent Ottawa) newsletter you were good enough as an elector but you must
re-qualify to be a beneficiary. Please see below for my recent letter to Prime Minister Harper (copied to Ontario MPPs, all MPs, Senators and the media), Ms. Clouthier’s newsletter along with an Affidavit which you should try to get signed --- see if you can her or Mr. Potts to sign it.

Letter to Prime Minister Harper

Sworn Affidavit Of Off Reserve Algonquin Nation Representative




Here is an interesting article that outlines how native people have been mistreated and lied to.

It is amazing when you read this article how today's Algonquin land claim compares to that of days gone by. The article is entitled "Who's on Trial". It tells the story of how a governmnt agent manipulated the government while pocketing money that was destine for native people. 

The Algonquin land claim has its own Indian agents - draw your own conclusion. Today false communities are created in order to advance a corrupt process. 

Please read and direct your comments to

Who's on Trial (click here)


Negotiations RiPe with Contradictions


Stop Flawed Algonquin Land Claim



This is the original map of the Algonquin nation, contrary to what is
being promoted by the negotiation team. The map clearly indicates the
names of the Algonquin traditional communities as opposed to those created by the government.
This includes all Algonquin traditional communities.


Ceci est la carte originale de la nation des Algonquin, contrairement à ce qui est favorisé par l'équipe de négociation. La carte indique clairement les noms des communautés traditionnelles des Algonquin par opposition à ceux créés par le gouvernement.

Ceci inclut toutes les communautés traditionnelles des Algonquin.





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Do you think the Algonquins will get a fair deal at the negotiating table?

Should we negotiate or litigate?

Send your feedback by e-mail.




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